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£25.00 can go a long way, right?

It could get you….

208 Ariel washing capsules

54kg of dried pasta

500 black ball point pens

16250g instant noodles

40 alcopops

25 Microwavable ready meals

6300g coffee granules

4320 tea bags

72727g of bread which is roughly 1118 slices

200 pints of milk

45454g of cornflakes

1250 paper plates

166 cans of soup

5 months of Netflix

14 takeaway cups of coffee (on average)

588 litres of mixer

303 rolls of toilet paper

Send one of your mates our way, and we will credit their bank account and yours with £25 when they connect.

That’s a fair few teabags.

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  • Tag us and we will give you 1GB of data!

f*** off!

We have a real issue with the uninvited.

So next time an uninvited ad pops up from another provider all you need to do is comment #fueloff on the ad, screenshot and send us a DM with proof.

Nice one! You’ve just got yourself another 1GB data.

Terms and Conditions apply to all Fuel incentives.

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