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"love is infinite, I couldn't have picked a better theme or focus"

Posted by Fuel
Oct 11, 2018

Ghanaian Born and U.K. raised Mauvey is an artist and songwriter. Influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Oumou Sangaré,and Andre 3000, his sound encompasses a unique blend of AfroTrap, Hip Hop and R&B, and his tranquil and lyrical flow has caused many heads to turn. Through intelligent melody, hypnotic beat, and vibe Mauvey explores the theme of love throughout his work.

How do you come up with new ideas which have that quality; that unidentifiable quality that makes them good? Where do you begin?

It all starts with a story and said stories character or characters. Anything is possible with a good story. How do I come up with the story, I challenge myself and my mind to operate at their creative best, I sit and I think, and I don’t get bored of thinking, other times it comes from dreams, I feel guilty because I constantly steal from my dreams, I’m so thankful to remember almost every single detail of my dreams, even the musical notes being played. The scary thing about a good memory is that it’s not selective.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on becoming better, learning guitar, piano, drums, improving my vocals. More specifically, I’m working on releasing new music in November.

What advice would you give to musicians /creatives starting today?

The advice I’d give is don’t you dare give up! People belittled, hunted down and even killed some of the most incredible people in human history, all because they were creative, all because they wanted to change the world. If you don’t believe me, then I’d offer another piece of advice; do your research and study the creatives that have shaped the planet we call home.

If you want to be a creative, create, take whatever is thrown at you and don’t you dare give up.



Love is a very strong theme throughout your work. Could you tell me about how this theme has grown and evolved throughout your work?

It all starts with Love and Love never ends.

With my work it started with wanting to dissect love and its many faces and complexities, every person has a love story, some incredibly good and some incredibly bad, some somewhere in the middle and others with a taste of all the above. I felt fascinated by how deep and rigorous love was as a journey. As I evolved and grew, I became entirely focused on distributing love in its best form to as many people. It’s in my music to inspire, to help, to educate, to entertain, to penetrate and to stick.

Which is more important to you as an artist, the process of creating or performing your work?

Performing my work is more important, creating is something I can never replace, but it is a completely selfish process, it’s lonely, performing and sharing my work is why I continue to be lonely creating it.

What have you learned about yourself since the making of your first album that you weren’t so clear on before?

That to be my best version, I have to believe that I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be, and the opinions of people, good or bad, should never determine whether I remain doing what I’m supposed to.


In terms of the future, do you have dreams or plans beyond what you are doing now?

My dreams and plans are to continue to distribute love. I plan to build the biggest platform (with help of course) and share my message from that platform.

We asked Mauvey for his thoughts on these statements:

Luck can make or break you - if luck can break you then you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is that you are doing, and, luck doesn’t “make” the “real ones”!

Keep a creative safe space - your mind is the only entirely safe space, treasure that and fortify it.

Be wary of time off - If you ARE a creative, as in it’s not a job you do, then by nature, even in your time off you’ll create, so why be wary, just look forward to creating in a different way than when you are at a desk “working”... There’s freedom in chaos - There’s freedom when you are free. Period, I don’t want to hear of freedom next to any other word.

Don’t give into perfectionism - you can’t give into something that you’ll NEVER be.


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