Samuel King I On The Street

Posted by Fuel
Mar 26, 2019

Words have such power and meaning. Words can be good and positive and up-lifting. But words can also be bad and hurtful and destructive. It's all a matter of how we use these words. We can speak them, write them, type them, illustrate them. Words can be used to bring attention to a particular topic.

Different and controversial, Samuel Kings words are a product of his environment. His unique ability to take his surroundings and apply his social and somewhat philosophical commentary to any situation is something to be amazed by.

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Samuels word-play and the aesthetic of which he uses words to get across a point or a story allows him to communicate the bigger problems in a medium that all can relate to.

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Sometimes, less words are more.

In this case I believe this to be true, so for now that is all and I would encourage you to take a moment and check out Samuel Kings work.

He is the voice behind our campaign, a true insperation to the spoken word community and pours out passion.


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