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“Never giving up, believing in oneself, focus and undying attention is what skating and my life is about”.

Posted by Fuel
Oct 08, 2018

Multidisciplinary artist Ricke Marc speaks to Fuel about his relationship with creativity and his inspiration. First gaining his interest in art when he was introduced to Anime in primary school. At that point he was hooked, and would watch an episode and then draw all the characters from memory. From this early introduction to now, Ricke Marc sees art today as captivating, beautiful and essential to his life as it was when he first picked up a pencil.

Ricke Marc… I’m a multidisciplinary artist, I studied at University of the arts London college of communication. I’m from west London, a true Londoner. I used to dance and busk in the west end, there used to be a place called Trocadero where I met a lot of the people I’m friends with today who are also leading the UK's underground creative voice. Busking taught me how to communicate with people I don’t know and to not be scared of meeting new people.


I started skating seriously when Trocadero got shut down, a home away from home was gone. I found myself exploring more, venturing into east London where I found so many creatives like me. That was an eye-opener.

Since moving to east & then back to west I’ve met countless stars in their own right & learnt to be myself & love myself which is harder than it sounds. Dealing with my own mental health & continuing to push forward with my creative endeavours I find a lot of life lessons are embedded within skating. We fall a lot. More than we land tricks, the sweat the tears & the joy really show that. Never giving up, believing in oneself, focus & undying determination is what skating & my life's about.


Its a subculture I’m proud to be a part of, there’s so many stories & personalities in this culture, so many struggles, yeah we get called childish, told to grow up but when your a skater, the worlds your playground, we see architecture differently, we appreciate things that go unnoticed & are unapologetically always ourselves. Skatings essence is kinda the fuel that keeps me going, kick & push. Kicking down barriers, pushing past obstacles, just like dance & art imitates life, skating is life.

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I’ve asked myself who am I countless times, what’s my purpose or should I change my goals, but I can’t, skating forces you to grow & evolve within, that’s where I learnt a new form of communication, you can always hear us coming. Whether its graphic design, photography, dance, media communication or skating, I have learnt to empathise because everybody has there own struggle, they own fuel essentially, just gotta appreciate the beauty in that. So I’m just a skater, a Londoner & an artist who tests boundaries


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