Mauvey I On The Street

Posted by Fuel
Apr 04, 2019

We need to change the way we consume Art!

Speaking with Mauvey about his future plans for ‘Mauvey Talks’ and his exhibition style approach to Instagram. It was quite fitting that we went on to walk around the National gallery after our shoot. Mauvey like many young creatives is very conscious of the consumer culture that engulfs the arts.

As we walked from room to room discussing this issue, there seemed to be one continual theme as we moved from the Impressionist landscapes, to the Renaissance crucifixions, and Leonardo’s sublime Virgin of the Rocks – continual people using great works of art as a background for another selfie, or a group shot of their mates.

I just about understand the desire to mark one’s presence in a particular spot by recording yourself there. What I absolutely fail to comprehend is the impulse to point and shoot the image in front of you. There are postcards in the shop, reproductions online. Why on earth do people want to fill their camera rolls with photographs of paintings?

I understand that their is a divide, one that is tricky to distinguish between, with people using their phones to interact with the paintings in a constructive way – to find out information, to look up the tour guide – and those who are taking a photograph.

But there is a distinct difference between learning about the art on the walls, and recording it without giving it a moment’s reflection.

There are so many distractions, that it is difficult for all of us to pause just for a moment and listen to the birds sing – both literally and metaphorically.

For centuries, art has been a way of making us slow down, and taking a moment to examine something in detail. This is not a plea for silent or empty galleries but for more thoughtful ones.

Mauvey seeks to encourage his audience to contemplate rather than glance. Through his new approach to social communication via ‘Mauvey Talks’ he points to a brighter, more considered approach to how art should be consumed. Surrounded by the snappers, they may come to think that this is the acceptable way to consume art, there are young creatives amongst us that seek to disrupt the norms around us.

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