krooel | elisa gashi

We catch up with Elisa Gashi for the launch of her new fashion line, Krooel; a gender neutral label routed in current culture, innovation and sustainability in luxury flavours.

Posted by Fuel
Oct 07, 2018

Elisa... Hi, I'm Elisa, I'm a fashion designer, I’m originally from Kosovo in the Balkans, but I grew up in Leytonstone in London and Southhampton

I am an artist, I am a stylist, a photographer and a fashion designer; everything is kind of just one fluid movement. Right now I’m working on my clothing brand KROOEL; K..R..O..O..E..L

I don't want to define it too much, but it's a gender neutral, conceptual collection of amazing pieces that are inspired by lucid dreams and conversations and the music that I have listened to my whole life like; Erykah Badu, Nas, Wutang, Big L, Biggie, Pac, Lauren Hill and the Fuguees.

krooel images montage small.jpg

I’m also a portrait photographer; You can find my work on Instagram; Elisa.G___. Everything is influenced by such different things, it's actually quite mad. This collection I am doing currently is kinda like MIAMI MUMMY but they're under siege, so you’ve got the military aspects of it, its a madness! I'm so excited about getting it out and I hope you guys are too.



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