Fuel your inner self

from concept to creation. Spoken words from Samuel King

Posted by Fuel
Oct 12, 2018

We are Fuel. The next generation in sim cards and broadband, challenging convention and championing the underdog. We offer an alternative relationship between provider and consumer.

From the offset it has been our aim to go beyond the norms within industry. Mobile and broadband have played such a significant role in lifestyle and culture, and yet the big providers play little to no part in championing these very things.

Fuel was founded on the idea that we, as a provider should immerse ourselves within culture and lifestyle, champion those who do and celebrate all the world has to offer. That’s why you will find us supporting “up and coming” artists, sharing the lives and stories of our Fuel ambassadors and collaborating with brands that share our values.

To ensure our vision was correctly articulated we teamed up with Spoken Word Artist Samuel King from London. Recognised for his thought provoking, impactful poems ‘Fatherless Britain’ and ‘What I Wasn’t Taught In School’ plus witty ‘Smart Phone’. Known for his creativity and versatility with words, Samuel was able to take our vision and bring it to you under the title of ‘Fuel Your Inner Self’.

Fuel Your Inner Self calls everyone to find what drives them… What makes them happy? What makes them keep going?

We all know that feeling, whether it is in the bottom of your stomach, or its clear in your mind, that inner drive, that inner feeling of pure joy.   The feeling may change between athlete to artist, regardless of this, they share one thing…Their inner drive.


Fuel Your Inner Self

Spoken words from Samuel King 

When you go to sleep at night ...
What is the last thing you think about before you close your eyes and the first when you open them?
What wakes you up in the morning?
What drives you to do something and actually start your day with a big bang ??

Formulating your world, in way that makes sense. From the inside out creation begins.
So why speak death into a stream of life.

They say the sky is the limit, sometimes we're just limited to the perimeters of our own minds.
It's time to own time.
There is a small gap between basic and greatness...
A leap of faith is the name of what that space is...
The place is, where the impossible, unachievable, unthinkable resides...
It's up to you to decide whether grasp that knife and take a stab in the dark.
Failure feels like a stab in the heart.
But only after you look down at defeat, you realise how far you’ve come and how long you've been standing.

Only you have the power to fuel your inner drive, strive for nothing but greatness -

Whether you’re an artist, academic or outright creative.
There’s still that same thing inside to make your brain tick and help you evolve and elevate this matrix.

To all the dreamers, makers and doers...
We believe in your ability to drive movement.
Keep fuelling your inner self.


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